Pop-Up Art Sale

Sep 24 - Oct 2, 10 am to 4 pm

3296 Main St., Cabot, VT 05647

Meet the Artists

Come and meet the artists in person and learn how they make their art.

Ruth Kaldor - Monday, Sept 26, 10 am to noon

Sandy Ducharme - Tuesday, Sept 27, 10 am to noon

Cathy Dellinger - Wednesday, Sept 28, 10 am to noon

Janet Van Fleet - Thursday, Sept 29, 10 am to noon

Laura Shaw - Friday, Sept 30, 10 am to noon

Sandy Ducharme

Hand-dyed hookings, painted floorcloths


Willa Mamet and Paul Miller performing Live at the Cabot Art Barn!!!!

Sunday, Sep 25 from 12:30 to 2

Saturday, Oct 1 from 12 to 2

Local Artisan Foods

2 pm to 4 pm, Sept 26 through Sept 30

Sample local artisan cheeses and other yummy morsels from Cabot and surrounding towns. Wine pairings included. All free of charge


Free dinner for two at The Den. No purchase necessary

Ruth Kaldor

Watercolor and oil paintings

Sandy Pond

Ceramics and Pottery

Laura Shaw

Watercolor greeting cards

Abigail Bartell

Paintings and drawings

April Borrelli

Watercolor paintings and figurines

Cathy Dellinger

Oil and watercolor paintings

Ken Klingler

Sculptures and carvings

Rosalind Daniels

Art quilts and photography

The Cabot Art Barn stands at the rear of the Wiswell House, one of the most striking examples of Victorian architecture in Vermont. Built by Dr. S.L. Wiswell and his wife Seraphine in 1868, remodeled in 1898 and preserved with great attention to period authenticity, this historic home remains a family residence and the property of Dr. Wiswell’s great-great-granddaughters. The barn that once housed Dr. Wiswell’s carriage and horses will be open to the public for these two weeks with a curated exhibition showcasing the work of Cabot’s visual arts community.

Joanne Vecchiola

Clay vessels and sculptures

Janet Van Fleet

Digital prints of wine foil collages

Wendy & Wendy & Harry Besett Harry Besett

Blown Glass

Meg Schroeder


Richard Ducharme

Adirondack Chairs

Neil Bainton


Aaron Ingham

Metal Sculpture