April BorRelli

Contact: april@cabotartbarn.com

Website: aprilborrelli.com

April Borrelli is a self-taught designer, artist, avid knitter and crafter residing in Cabot, VT. She works with many mediums including watercolor, gouache, and fiber. Her artwork is often whimsical, done in an illustrative style and inspired by nature. Plants and animals are her favorite subjects.

Currently employed as a graphic designer for a children’s clothing company. She uses her artistic skills designing surface patterns for their clothing, media graphics and photography.

“I always like to be learning something new and to experiment with different mediums and crafts. I enjoy working with my hands and many different mediums because of the enjoyable tactile quality. When I am not creating something on paper I am probably knitting or sewing. There’s nothing better than the feeling of something like knitting needs and wool fiber in my hands. Seeing something start out as just a strand of fiber then turning into some wonderful creation. Mostly I am a jack of all trades, I like knowing how to do many things and having many different skills.”

Current projects that she has been focused on are working on her painting skills. She enjoys painting small landscapes and trees. Illustrating her bear characters. Also, she has started to learn the art of soft sculpture. Working with German Mohair and Viscose fabrics and needle felted details to create miniature versions of her friend’s dogs.

She enjoys being outdoors, gardening, and quiet walks with her beloved Beagle.