Janet Van Fleet

Recent work displayed at Janet Van Fleet's studio at Studio Place Arts (SPA) in Barre, Vermont. Her current work features half- to 3/4-lifesize figures made with found materials, though she works in a variety of materials, including collages made with wine foils, which are for sale in this exhibit at the Cabot Art Barn.

Golden Lady, collaged with the foils from champagne bottles! It's one of her digital prints that will be available at the Cabot Art Barn this season. See below for details about these prints.


What are wine foils? Look on the top of a wine bottle, and (unless it's a screw-top bottle) you will find material covering the cork and enclosing the top of the neck. That's the wine foil, and unless it's plastic (which they sometimes are these days), it's a metallic foil, often in beautiful colors and with interesting logos and designs.

Janet uses these foils to create charming collages that are reproduced as digital prints with an image area of 9x12 inches, printed on heavy 11x14 inch paper, leaving margins for matting and framing of your own design . These are Open Edition digital prints, numbered and signed by the artist. They are mounted in a sealed polypropylene envelope with a protective backing board. They are all $40 each

Arranging Flowers Perfect for that great hostess whose house is always beautifully decorated -- or for you, if you're that hostess (or want to be)!

Valise Have you got the urge to travel, or know someone who does? This might be just the thing for your traveling companion or a way to remember your last trip!

Underwear What a cute guy in his underwear! Great for the bedroom, bathroom, or as a gift for the one you like seeing in his or hers.

The 26 collages in this 8.5 x 8.5” paperback alphabet book, one for each letter, were created in 2012-2017 on 9x12” cardstock, then scanned to create digital files. It is colorful, humorous, and appropriate for all ages. $16 each

Janet Van Fleet and her husband R.D. Eno have lived in Cabot for 45 years. She grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, studied briefly at the Art Institute of Chicago, then went on to earn a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in Education from Goddard College. She has been a professional working artist for over 20 years.

Van Fleet is a founder of Studio Place Arts (SPA), a three-story community center for the visual arts in Barre, Vermont, where her studio is located.

In addition to her own creative work, she has been active as a curator in the northeast, producing annual exhibits at Studio Place Arts, curating a two-floor, summer-long exhibit at Goddard Collage in 2017 on Social Justice, and organizing gallery exhibits for the Vermont Arts Council’s Art of Action in 2009-10. In 2010 she traveled to Nagoya, Japan for On the Planet, an exhibit in connection with the UN Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity.