Leslie Lennox

Leslie Lennox expresses her creativity through food, fiber, film and friends. Since the Pandemic her focus has returned to her love of crocheting. These are not your typical Granny Squares! Leslie’s modern expression using a multitude of yarns and fibers, colors and textures, results in truly unique creations. Leslie has been crafting crocheted garments, blankets, and for this special show…Totes and Shoulder Bags.

Her past careers are many…an author of PESTO: The Modern Mother Sauce Cookbook; co-founder of Hope’s Gardens, an artisan condiment company; a fashion stylist in NY and LA, and Vogue Magazine Associate Editor to Vera Wang; art photographer and creator of hand-crafted greeting cards and products.

Leslie has always had a talent for making inspired, resourceful creations with what is at hand. Today, she lives in NYC with her husband, Dave.