Rosalind Daniels

Behind the delicate colors and gorgeous composition of Rosalind Daniels’ abstract fiber and photo pieces is a long history with quilting, a love and playfulness with color and texture, and most recently, the irresistible charm of peonies.


The photographs above are printed on coasters, $10 each. They are closeup images of things found in Harry's Hardware store in Cabot.

A mother who taught Home Economics, a brief career in Mathematics, a 12-year journey living in the Pacific, Africa, Scandinavia, and the Indian subcontinent, and 25 years living in Vermont have all combined to create the unique perspective Rosalind Daniels brings to her fiber work. Exposure to exotic fabrics and inspiration from around the world expanded her appreciation for bold, patterned fabric beyond the range of western esthetics. When bringing these fabrics together in a quilted piece she aims to create a conversation between the various prints. Her return in recent years to the practice of photography has again expanded her options for gathering shape and color to inspire new conversations about the world around her.

She currently has work on display in the American Embassy in Djibouti through the State Department's Art in Embassies program and at the Vermont State House