Cathy DelLinger

Cathy Dellinger is a self-taught artist originally from New York City who transplanted her roots into the soil of the Northeast Kingdom over 30 years ago. This move gave her the opportunity to explore all forms of art and craft, initially focusing on traditional basket weaving and painting. But, painting has always been a large part of her creative life, providing her with a means to explore a range of possibilities through her choice of mediums.

“Painting has been a way for me to create an engaging environment through color and form. For several years I have focused on watercolor as my primary medium which allows for all sorts of surprises and mysteries to emerge. As I paint I find inspiration from undefined boundaries while exploring and embracing spontaneity. Many of my paintings may appear intentional, hiding the chaos of conception. Both with oil and watercolor what emerges naturally, sometimes even organically, turns every painting into a discovery wherein the partnership of painter and medium eventually develops into an intimate conversation.”

Cathy and her husband, Mark Tucker, reside in North Danville with their squirrel chasing dog Fenway, and countless numbers of barn cats that live across the road.