Margie Pulaski

Bowl with berries, and cup, Pastel chalk

View from roof of my mother's house, Pastel chalk

Rincon, Puerto Rico Cemetery, Pastel chalk

Vermont Barn, Pastel chalk and Oil, $400

Margie Pulaski’s name, Margarita, morphed into “Margie” when she left Puerto Rico at the age of seven and settled with her parents in New York City. She attended public schools in New York, and was accepted at Music & Art High School, where she spent four years doing what she loved best, socializing with friends and taking art classes.

Later she attended CUNY at night, met her husband Jack, moved to Vermont in 1968, had two daughters, and finally came to reside here in Cabot.

She has drawn, painted, and collaged pictures throughout her life. Her mother, having little appreciation for art, threw most of Margie’s early work away. However, she has continued engaging with the two-dimensional world with a love of -- and response to -- color, which she attributes to having been born in a beautiful island.